Orthopedic doctors warn of Child Sports Injuries

There is an excitement that comes from cultivating the love of athletics within a child, but sometimes that can lead to injury cultivation. Far from simply building character, orthopedic doctors warn that excessive exertion can lead to serious injury child athletes. They point out that the benefits do not end with the surgery or therapy, but also includes the relationship between caregivers and children.

This is because, as the famous Dr. James Andrews told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, there was a sharp increase in sports injuries among children over the past decade. The reason for this increase, many rights, but orthopedic doctors across the nation tend to agree on the two main factors affecting the growth of quality adult sports injuries in children.


Parents want the most for children. As you begin to make the seeds of greatness in them, love sports, for example, they are enticed to provide support. Athletics, this comes as much acclimatization. But as Andrews told the Plain Dealer, the children simply can not handle the same level of training for adult counterparts.

However, the parents are not lack for-hire coaches that afternoon exercise for children as young as 12, sometimes younger. These coaches often specialize in a sport, there is no background on the careful consideration that must be made for young bodies. The increased competition to earn sports scholarships or a career in the sport, with a dearth of knowledge of children’s athletic physiology, injury is a dangerous formula.

Exacerbating this problem is the availability of year-round playing opportunities. When parents enroll the child in leagues throughout the year, it is necessary to deprive the child of a necessary recovery period to avoid injuries to the repetition of specific movements.

increased intensity

Orthopedic surgeon can see a worrying trend in acute training schemes for toddlers. Simply put, children who have physical practices of the increased rate, which works with adult athletes, but guaranteed to injury developing bodies. The reasoning is clear, coaches and parents to see the competitive advantage “bulking up”, you can simply use their own knowledge of training and apply it to the kids.

What Parents Can Do and coaches

There is nothing wrong with the children training in the sport, and part of the year, playing that sport. However, parents and coaches need to understand the limitations of a developing organism.

First, orthopedic doctors recommend training regimen to adhere to the limit of 10 per cent per week. This means that if a child runs to 10 minutes a day, three days a week, he can only run 11 minutes a day, three days a week next week. Cause a rapid increase in load and intensity of injury.

Second, students need to rest between sports. A growing trend is to the parents through their children enrolled in a sport of choice for most of the year; This increases the chances of a repeat injury than the same movements are followed by a pause of several months without consistently. Recent studies baseball pitchers between the ages of 16 and 20 who had serious injuries showed that those who pitched more than eight months of the year significantly increased risk of injury.

Finally, the coaches and parents must learn to listen to the children and closely monitor their pain. In some orthopedic doctors told me that the teachers and parents are often attributed to “growing pains” injury is more serious. This mistake can be the difference between sore muscles and a missed game and a torn ACL and months of recovery.

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